So why choose us?


We are a young vibrant Company in the Heart of Wales, working from facilities in the Centre of Cardiff which is an exciting, busy and cosmopolitan City, which lends itself perfectly to learning how to become a Professional Close Protection Operator.

Our Team is friendly and fun, however most important of all, we are all current Operators highly motivated to give you the best possible training we can provide.

We have extensive experience within both hostile and Executive Protection all over the World. Our SIA courses are demanding, fast moving and we make it as engaging and fun as we can to make you the best you can be under the strict guidelines of the SIA.

We have also worked personally for the high flyers of this World, picking them up from their Lear Jets and protecting them whilst they go about their business.

Why train with us?

We are current active and Highly
Experienced Operators. That means what you get taught is what other
Companies expect from their Team Leaders / Team Members / 2 in
charge. Current Standing Operating Procedures.
We have priced ourselves aggressively
to give you the opportunity of becoming a Close Protection Operator
to more varied backgrounds. We train you both Hostile and Executive
Protection and from our experience they can be blended into our
current curriculum. This course lends itself to both Ex Military and
Our Team is overseen by LW who has
served 19 years in the legendary SAS so excellence is the only
option. He has also been a Country Manager in the Middle East and is
currently active in Sub Saharan Africa.
We are proud to have Tom on our Team
as Medical director. I have worked alongside Tom in Iraq and his
experience is second to none. Tom was awarded the BEM for his duties
during the Lockerbie disaster and has had over 30 years training and
active service Experience. The medical courses will be engaging and
as realistic as possible.


For further information about our courses, please use our online enquiry form or call us on the telephone number shown on our contact page.