Close Protection


Halo Close Protection Ltd on passing the course will provide you with a BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Certificate.

This qualification is a 21 day course, if FPOSi is taken only recommended for those individuals going Hostile Environment.

The qualification is designed for those wanting to work in the Close Protection Industry and require the License to practice.

The qualification is endorsed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), and learners who have completed the course successfully can apply for the SIA license.

The Close Protection Specialist Module consists of the following units:

Unit  1 – Role and Responsibilities
Unit  2 – Threat and Risk Assessment
Unit  3 – Surveillance awareness
Unit  4 – Operational Planning
Unit  5 – Law and legislation
Unit  6 – Interpersonal Skills
Unit  7 – Close Protection Teamwork
Unit  8 – Conduct Reconnaissance
Unit  9 – Close Protection Foot Drills
Unit 10 – Route Selection
Unit 11 – Close Protection Journey Management
Unit 12 – Search Procedures
Unit 13 – Incident Management
Unit 14 – Venue based Security

Conflict Management Module:

Unit  1 – Avoiding conflict Management
Unit  2 – Defusing conflict
Unit  3 – Resolving and learning from conflict
Unit  4 – Application of communication skills

Additional Modules over and above SIA

Advanced driver techniques
Client Protocal European, Middle East, Chinese
International Travel, visa, equipment

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