Medic in Remote Area

Medic in Remote Area

This medical training course has been developed specifically by Special Forces Field Medics to go above and beyond the existing MIRA courses. The course provides Close Protection practitioners and Team Medics, who already have experience in Pre-Hospital Care, with the added skills and knowledge to be able to deal with casualties in remote environments and hostile regions worldwide.

Our Medic in Remote Area course focuses on stabilisation of the injured through to the knowledge and skills required for prolonged field care.

Course designed by professionals for professionals and promises a unique experience in trauma management that is unrivalled in the industry today.


Topics covered on the course are:


Basic cell, tissue, organs and systems IV cannulation and fluid resuscitation Life threatening medical conditions
Anatomy & Physiology IO access The heart
Scene approach and assessment Head and brain injury Advanced life support and defib
Mechanism of injury Pain relief Resuscitation and care of the child
Primary and secondary survey Traumatic musculoskeletal conditions Pregnancy and childbirth
Catastrophic haemorrhage Spinal injury and immobilisation Musculoskeletal injuries
Airway Prolonged field care Thermal injury heat & cold
Surgical Cricothyroidotomy Mass casualties Tropical medicine
Breathing (asthma and oxygen therapy) Entrapment and extrication Malarial awareness
Chest needle decompression Emotional care Introduction to common antibiotics
Circulation and shock History taking primary healthcare Introduction to suturing
Burns Toxicology
Dive medicine Altitude illness


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